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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


This morning as I got into car, still slightly groggy, I turned on the radio and clearly heard the following commercial:

“Last year, Bob hid a Cadbury chocolate egg in the kayak in the garage. Susan hid two under her sewing supplies...” and on it went explaining the strategy of hiding Cadbury chocolate eggs in unusual places, so that you would be assured to be the only one who could find them.

I’ve been totally ripped off! I had no idea that the Easter bunny did double duty and came with Santa to other people’s houses at Christmas. All I ever got for Christmas were a bunch of toys. Never eggs. Do Santa and EB keep separate lists? Am I nice with Santa and on the outs with the bunny? You would think that they would compare notes to save time.

I can heard the conversation at Cadbury:
boss guy in chocolate brown suit: “You know, we could really increase sales if we sold chocolate at Christmas!”
worker who only gets a chocolate brown tie: “Yeah, but we only have egg molds”
chocolate brown suit: “Oh, Nobody will notice, run some radio spots!”
chocolate brown tie: “But the only spot we have...


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