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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Seems like a good place to start

A little something about me:

I hate Andy Rooney My middle name is Elden My shoe size is 13 I like sand between my toes and black coffee Sunrises are better alone; sunsets are better with somebody else Catchn’ is better than fishn’; fishn’ with friends is better than catchn’ I dream, I believe, I think, I work I’ll get dinner, you got lunch I use to think that consecutive times like 1:23 were lucky and that 2:22 was bad I just realized that I always start stairs with my right foot I respect anyone with passion or who cares about doing their job well

I’m unimpressed with celebrity I would rather have dinner with Steve Jobs than any movie star Details matter Do it right the first time Measure twice and cut once Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight I like to smile I’m a lot of fun at the Christmas party I’ll do a lot on a dare I’ll politely eat things I don’t like I hate whiners I like almost all kinds of music, but hate almost all kinds of music that’s too loud I’m passionate about great advertising and big concepts

Now, if I could only get to know you better



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