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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

not all it was cracked up to be

Dear Samy’s camera,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the service I have received from your repair department.

I am the creative director at an advertising agency, and have worked with many many professional photographers over the years. I have heard rave reviews about the institution that is Samy’s from amateur and pro photographers alike. Now all this goodwill and reputation has been brought into question buy an astounding level of neglect.

When my digital camera died just before Christmas, I bemoaned the bad timing and sought out what I thought was the most professional option available – Samy’s. I wanted a place where I could get is fixed fast and fixed right.

I brought it into your Fairfax store on December 26th, and was slightly disappointed to learn that you would need to send it to Pentax and it could take, “a couple of weeks” to get an estimate due to the holidays. I received a receipt that is numbered XXXX.

It is now March 7th, it has been over 10 weeks and I have been unable to get an ESTIMATE of what repairs will cost.

Even more infuriating, is the lack of follow-up from the repair department. I have called multiple times, and nobody in repairs ever answers the phone, each time I have gone back to the receptionist and gotten connected to a repair manager. And each time I am told, “Wow, that does seem like a long time, let me look into that and I’ll call you back tomorrow”. I have yet to receive a single call from anybody at Samy’s.

I would like some answers regarding my camera (specifically an estimate to get it fixed), but I also feel that it is important to make you aware of how this episode has tarnished your reputation in my eyes.



Repair ticket XXXX, dated December 26, 2006


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