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Sunday, December 11, 2005

People's Republic of Capitalism

My brother John, the world traveler:

me: are you in china?
john: yep
me: cool!
john: listening to the Chargers on the internet
me: nice
me: i got your email

email: When I got off the plane, this young Chinese gal in a long black coat met me and rushed me through the airport, customs etc. They took me to a private car provided by the hotel. A brand new Audi A8, with a driver. Pretty nice. You would not believe how modern they are in China. At least what I saw…

Buildings are going up everywhere… The cars were all new, many German cars, and others I did not recognize. I did see a Yellow Hummer on the same road I was on. The hotel is nice. About 5 people check me in. Turn down the bed etc.

Satellite TV in the room a lot of English programming. I am going to venture out to the front desk, the China office left me a cell phone. There is a happy hour on the 18th floor I will check out. Hi Speed internet, all pretty good. Its hard to believe I am on the other side of the world and how far China has come, when you think about all you read about, news etc.

john: cool
me: sounds great
john: so far so good
john: gonna jump in the shower and get some breakfast then head over to the office
me: is it Monday morning?
john: yep
me: it's 3:30 Sunday afternoon
me: what time is it there?
john: 7:30 am
me: have a great day
me: good luck with everything


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