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Friday, October 27, 2006

A fitting conversation

Me: Princess, why is your sister screaming?

Princess: I want to hold her hand.

M: Um, I don’t think she wants to hold hands right now.

P: But I want to hold hands!

M: Why don’t you hold Money’s[1] hand?

P: No, Money’s hand is too small.

M: Well then, hold Money’s head.

P: Then Money says, (in perfect Sam Kinison voice) “AAUUGG AUG... YOU’RE CRUSHING MY HEAD!!”

[1] Money is a small stuffed monkey. Princess has adopted a Native American nomenclature for her stuffed animals, drawing inspiration from current fascinations or whatever is directly in her line of sight when a name is bestowed. This naming structure probably deserves a catalog entry of it’s own. My favorite name is the pig, “Give a fork a penny”

Friday Foto

All about context

Friday, October 06, 2006


Whew! What a month.

Here are some pictures that each should be their own entry, but a photo will have to suffice. First off is the big check off for work. That light at the end of the tunnel turns out not to be a train. Too many morning that looked like this:

Especially on a Saturday.

The bed got done. It's a big hit:

umm... don't ask:

Went to the fair. Ate greasy junk, grew a second head:

I don't know why the light at the garden is so good:

and one more, just to show her boyfriends some day.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm going fishing. and sleep.