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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dear Marina Store Management,

My family and I recently had a wonderful time camping at Lopez Lake, we rented one of the pontoon boats, and it was great.

On my way out, I stopped by your store one last time to pick up a souvenir of our great time visiting you. I selected a speckled blue camping mug with the Lopez Lake Marina logo printed on it (the old guy smoking a pipe and fishing).

I was extremely disappointed to find that the printed logo completely washed off the very first time I washed the mug. Not a little smudged, completely gone. I was even careful to hand wash it, as to not subject it to the dishwasher.

This was before I ever used the mug. I was not trying to scrub out coffee stains, I was wiping away any dust.

I would suggest a serious talk with your supplier about the inappropriate use of water soluble inks on dishware.

I would very much like to exchange my mug for one that will hold up to routine and expected use.


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