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Monday, June 26, 2006

Recapping a FAST! weekend

Friday night, preschool graduation/advancement. The kids are growing FAST! It was a Hawaiian theme with terrible acoustics. As the teachers mumbled on about the accomplishments and growth of each student, the two-year old in the front row kept adjusting her inappropriate coconut top.

Saturday, work day in the community garden. The corn is getting big FAST! There was a nice community lunch and a presentation from socialists representatives of the South Central farmers.

These protests have got to be hurting the cause of community gardens. Our garden is on land owned by CalTrans in the 710 corridor. If the freeway ever goes through, they will plow my tomatoes under, (I understand that I am a guest on their land, and I will not be chaining myself to a tree). After the fuss with the South Central Farmers, people like CalTrans have to be giving second and third thoughts to letting gardeners onto their land. It would be much easier and better PR for them to leave it as a fenced in vacant lot. /rant

Sunday afternoon, picnic lunch out at Puddingstone lake. 46 miles/hour on a jet ski in choppy water is FAST! Bloody knuckles, sore ass, bugs in the teeth, kick ass FAST! It was very hot, very crowded, very cholo, and very fun.


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