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Friday, January 06, 2006

Can you please print that spam out for me

This post is not about junk faxes. I know you already hate them as much as me. No, this post is about misplaced marketing.

OK, side note. Have you seen the fax scam that asks you to vote on a controversial issue? It’s on of my favorite scams. We get these at work all the time: “Let your voice be heard!” “Should George W. Bush be impeached for war crimes?” or “Should Roe vs. Wade be overturned” or “Should people with blue eyes be rounded up and shot?” It doesn’t really matter what the issue is, as long as it is as inflammatory as possible. Then there are two big boxes “Check here for yes” and “Check here for no” and “Your answers will be tallied up and sent to the White House and the Congress!” “Vote as often as you like” and finally, “Fax your opinion back to 976-1234”. Down at the very bottom in small type is, “fax call is $4.95/min. applied to your phone bill, fax takes approximately 2-3 minutes”

So if you have something with enough universal appeal, some people must respond. The one that threw me today was this gem. If anybody needs 24 lacrosse helmets, I know this guy in Jersey...

As someone in the ad industry, It just makes me sad to see companies waste money like this. A half readable fax sent across the country. I wonder how may of these they sent out. I wonder how I got on the list. I wonder if anybody replied. And most of all, I wonder how they don’t know that badminton is the new lacrosse?


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