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Thursday, January 05, 2006

If I can’t Google it, did it really happen?

Yesterday I heard a brief report on the radio that made the point of yesterday’s post perfectly.
INS/Homeland Security denied visa’s to a group of Chinese gardeners who were coming to consult on The Huntington Library’s new traditional Chinese Garden. Apparently, it was not a “culturally significant” enough reason to visit.
The weird thing, and the reason I put off posting it, was that I can’t find another word about this anywhere. Maybe is was a hoax, or a story and I just heard a snippet. If it is true, we are on the lookout for the wrong things.


Blogger Nate said...

This article, about some Chinese men trying to sneak into Russia on lawnmowers, is the closest thing I could find to what you heard. Maybe it was a hoax. Though, the story I found also reads like a hoax, as well. :)

8:00 AM  

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