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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Getting inside my baby's head

Tomorrow we're having an MRI on our 10 month old baby. Anna was born with a lump on her head which lead us to discover a crack in her brain. "Prone to seizures" they said, "Developmental delays" they said. The CT scan on the left was taken when she was about 28 hours old. The photo on the left was later, about 5 months.

So far, she's been doing great. Crawling like champ, standing, she'll be walking within a month. Now we have another doctor with a new diagnosis. One that is correctable with out-patient surgery.

I'm sorry did the pediatric nero-surgeon just say out-patient surgery? What is this, a kiosk at the mall? Brain surgery while you wait.

Well anyway, hopefully tomorrow questions will be answered. Actually next week when we see the doctor for the results. The thing that I'm most nervous about it knocking her out for an hour while she's in the MRI, that and the IV.

Tomorrow I'll post photos.

UPDATE: An emergancy bumped us back to Monday afternoon. More waiting.


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