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Saturday, November 05, 2005

On learning to blog... Part 1

Sure, I have some blogging experience, but as I'm just getting started here, I though that I would see what kind of advice I could get from the guys I read and whos blogs I admire.

Step one - the everyday read list:

blogging.la - I'm not sure what I would ask sean, probably something about time managment.

Nickerblog - I've got this weird geek fantasy about interviewing Shane in the car for a vlog. It was that idea that inspired this series of posts. I guess telling him that will only get me a restraining order.

Wildbell - I think that Will is probably the most likely to respond, always seems like an upright guy.

AJGentile - If he's got time for the squirel, maybe he's got time for my question.

beFrank - Great combination of work and life.

Coop - I'm not sure, he kind of scares me.

and JSto - A woman's touch could brighten up the place.

Up tomorrow, Part 2 :: questions to send.

Answers, or restraining orders


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