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Monday, September 11, 2006

A brief encounter, a big impact

I work as creative director at an ad agency. One of our clients is a picture framing company. Framing art, mementos, just about anything you can hang on the wall.

I got a call that a client had just placed a fairly large order for framing some rather nice art, something like 18 pieces. My client, the framer, started talking to Carolyn, the woman with the art, and discovered that it was all from her 18-year-old twin daughters Lauren and Lindsey. Together they were heading off to school at RISD, and this fine collection represented the best of their high school era work. Something for Mom and Dad to remember them by as the girls studied across the country.

With attractive pieces, attractive models, and a great story, I was dispatched to their Westside tutor style home in the high rent section of town to interview and photograph the mother and daughters for a feature in the advertising.

They were warm friendly hostesses, Carolyn was obviously quite proud of her young budding artists, but the girls were much more preoccupied with looking forward than reminiscing past projects. As the twins packed for the next morning’s flight, they pointed out pieces in charcoal, oils and clay. Grandma would be over soon, the four women had an early flight to Boston.

Carolyn Beug would never pick up those 18 framed pieces, they sat framed and forgotten at my clients for quite some time. Five days after I had met them, Carolyn and her mother Mary Wahlstrom, having seen the girls settled at school, boarded their return flight, American Airlines #11 on September 11, 2001.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Someday this one is going to buy a motorcycle